17 July 2015
« Triveneta Parchetti really is a company oriented to the designer, with the study of innovative details and a custom made approach that can satisfy any request».
In the beautiful setting created in the headquarters of Triveneta Parchetti for the event celebrating the 35 years of business, we want to share with you the voice of those who have contributed to the growth of our company.
Different voices, but with a common feature: the enthusiasm to grow with the company, the passion in their work and the bond of trust that has developed over the years.
This is a source of great satisfaction, because nothing is more promising than enterprising people who believe and spend themselves for the sake of a company, which for many years is a support for the Made in Italy.
If the joints in wooden floors are in a workmanlike manner, the result will be perfect . Here is the most successful expression of the collaborative network woven over the years.
We want to hear every voice, every opinion, every interpretation. Your opinion is important because it helps us to improve, not only in the production of wooden floors, but also in everyday working life.
On the one hand recognized ambassadors of Made in Italy in the world, the other a young and dynamic business reality that lives and grows stronger in the territory in which it has evolved; for this, we cite here the gratifying words of the Mayor of our city, Roberto Campagna.
«Triveneta Parchetti is a company that today is celebrating 35 years of activity, with a strong presence in the territory. A reality which has grown over time and has been able to bring his product to high quality levels. It is an enterprise very careful to the environment, both for production and materials, which are always environmentally sustainable.
Surely, congratulations must be done to the founder Narciso Serafin and daughters, who actually have got the reins of the company».