Put under your feet the most ecological material, handmade flooring in real wood, to achieve maximum wellness level. Our floors smell of pleasant fragrance of wax, honey, flowers and tree essences. For our finishes we use natural products such as oils, resins and waxes of vegetal or animal origins: they do not derive from petroleum and make emissions in the air.

Walk with serenity on the floor free of formaldehyde, our levels are much lower than the standards in force. There is completely absence of harmful volatile substances such as pentachlorophenol. Everything is safe for you and your family.

Triveneta’s wood floorings are made for improving life quality in home environment. This is guaranteed by accurate controls.

We do not contribute in any way to the deforestation that is occurring around the planet.
We are totally transparent and the correct and sustainable source of the materials that we select for our product is officially certified. We consider every room finished with our products to be environmentally friendly... therefore no toxic emissions... our company is transparent and certified...
For long time we developed a fruitful collaboration with BONA, which is a leader on the world market of water based varnishes production.

This varnishing cycle gives mat and natural colour to the floor and it has very low VOC level (volatile organic compounds) guaranteed by absence of solvents.

In this way parquet becomes Eco sustainable and it does not have any smell
Triveneta Parchetti pays always attention to research innovative eco-friendly and healthy products. For this reason we would like to present a finishing which keeps the natural wood colour, without changing the original colour of raw wood.

Environmental oil is an Ecolabel certificated (Ecolabel is EU label which helps you identify products and services that have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle). This is odorless, water-based product with following characteristics:

  • - does not require polishing
  • - natural look and touch
  • - stain and wear resistant
  • - easy maintenance
Corolle oil is a natural oxidative oil composed of safflower, sunflower, hemp, castor, coconut, pine, flax seed and tung oils in addition to propolis, copal resin, rosin…

The elements of this vegetal composition have been chosen based on eco-sustainability to achieve the most natural treatment. It does not contain solvents, in this way Corolle oil creates healthy atmosphere in the environment.

Corolle oil has been absorbed deeply inside the wood, for this reason it gives to the wood a natural appearance with open pores and keeps the wood transpiration intact. It highlights soft and natural characters of the wood.
When technology and experience intertwine harmoniously only refined creations can be the outcome...
...the expression of man’s highest capcity and artistry. For over 30 years, Triveneta Parchetti has implemented the most sophisticated technologies while respecting the environment coupled with a profound knowledge of woodworking techniques to give life to flooring products of the highest allure. Our superior quality is guaranteed via a thorough production process with quality control operations following each phase, combined with hand-applied finishes by our expert artisans.
Our production cycle takes place within our establishment and begins with the seasoning of the wood elements in the open air for a period varying between teo to four months, which is essential for incurring its stability. This particular process allows for the wood to eliminate any excess moisture content it may possess and which could lead to possible deformities.
Successively, the material is dry-kilned, allowing for the wood to reach its equilibrium moisture content. The next phase consists in working the elements with advanced machinery and production techniques, using diamond cutting techniques which ensure perfect tongue and groove profiles and unparalleled planarity. Our new acrylic varnishing line provides the final customer with a durable and enchanting surface.