Certificazione A+
We have submitted our finish SABBIE DEL DESERTO to the most severe laboratory tests. Basing on the strictest emission regulation, it has been classified as A+ because it is characterized by very low emission.
Laboratory tests
La qualità delle nostre finiture ecologiche SABBIE DEL DESERTO è testimoniata dai risultati delle prove di laboratorio a cui le abbiamo sottoposte:
  • Resistenza delle superfici ai liquidi freddi
  • Determinazione della resistenza agli agenti chimici
  • Prova di usura mediante sfregamento
FSC®: Forest Stewardship Council
web site: www.fsc.org
FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) FSC is a non-governmental, independent and non-profit international organization. For years it has been advocating the responsible management of our global forestry resources, as well as respect of the environment in order for both local and international populations, particularly through the eco-sustainable economic development of Rio in Brazil.
FSC counts environmental groups, indigenous communities, forest landholders, timber producers and distributors, scientists and technicians as part of their membership pool. Each of these individual groups comes together in order to work as a team in the protection of the earth-s greatest resource; its forests.

We at Triveneta Parchetti opted to become a part of FSC because we firmly believe in the norms established by this specific certification, and we pledge all of our organizational resources to avoid the proliferation of illegally harvested timber which explicitly violates both traditional and civil law.

With great pride we can affirm that the FSC certification is an integral part of the Triveneta Parchetti product, attesting that each particle of wood present in our flooring comes from forests managed in a correct and responsible manner, rigorously adhering to environmental, social and economic standards.
If you are a lover of quality, elegance and artisan detail you cannot help but fall in love with our product lines which are entirely crafted in Italy.
It is within our very DNA to incorporate the unique values inherent to Italian style; that inimitable balance between tradition, the spirit on innovation, and creativity.

Thanks to the implementation of modern production processes and instrumentation in addition to the great professionalism exhibited by our labour force, we are able to create a product with the highest quality standard while remaining deeply tied to our territory, it’s people and it’s history.

Every phase of production is carried out on Italian soil; from the design to the seasoning of our raw materials, from the processing of the planks to the application of our extraordinary finished by our expert artisans.

Each and every single phase of our production cycle is monitored with care in order to ensure that the end result produced embodies nothing but perfection and our great respect and love for the environment which surrounds us. Choosing Triveneta Parchetti means choosing the true ‘100 % Made in Italy’, while at the same time discovering the value of a company who proudly believes in people, quality, ecology and beauty
Each and every single plank produced by Triveneta Parchetti has the CE seal of quality
All of our flooring products are engineered following the strict European Community directives, giving our clients the guarantee of purchasing a product which fully adheres to the highest safety and reliability standards. Triveneta Parchetti is pleased to have the opportunity to provide its hardwood floors with this important attestation of quality which boldly underlines our commitment to constant improvement with regards to both our productivity and environmentally-safe protocols.

A product bearing the CE seal of quality is not only the result of a carefully organized project, but is the most ample expression of a closely monitored production process. In order to obtain the CE seal all the relative structural elements must be designed and executed to ascertain the safety of all people, objects and animals potentially involved and thereby allowing the commercialization of products on the European and International market of products in conformity with the charactertistics denominated by current legislation.
The growing attention for ecology of Triveneta: concrete and transparent choices. The wood used comes exclusively from certified forests to ensure the permanent existence of forest areas through responsible forest management and conservation.

The processing of the products does not produce any kind of toxicity, not even on by-products (shavings, sawdust and wood splinters) that are totally recycled.
The collection "i tavolati di rovere", following the LEED standard classification, has the features to get credits for LEED Certification 2009 new buildings and equivalent American standard.

web site: www.catas.it