29 May 2015
The story of a passion
Narciso Serafin, President and founder of Triveneta Parchetti, was born on July 1st, 1935 under the sign of Cancer, from a family of the rural Treviso hinterland. He was the third of eight brothers and as a child he developed a strong passion for manual and artisanal work, that would help him to perfect his art and attention to details.
When he was as a boy, he worked in a workshop as a joiner and carpenter, learning and developing further abilities under the military service; during this period his skills were noticed and he was assigned joinery and woodworking for his officials properties.
These are the first years after World War II , when the desire for liberation and the resourcefulness of the young Italians dragged our country into the economic miracle and made the creation of the "Made in Italy " brand a reality.
Over fifty years of success
Ciso, so he was called as a child, started in 1962 his workshop in the farmhouse of his wife Ida, who would always be next to him, in life and work.
This great passion was transmitted to the three daughters, Marisa, Patrizia and Renata, who today are heads of the company; since childhood they breathed the smell of carved oak, starting their careers in the company, involved in the production of doors, windows and wooden floors.
In 1980 the turning point: Triveneta Parchetti changes into the company as we know it today. The collaboration with partner and co-founder Antonio Zanchetta scored positively the expansion and growth of the company, making it a well-known and appreciated brand in the production of wood flooring in the Made in Italy scenery.
Quality and excellence in contemporary taste.
The traditional care in wood working, combined with the quality of materials, are the spearhead of our company, which now looks to the excellence of its products as a primary feature.
Between the late '90s and early 2000, the major investments in innovative production processes took the company and the family Serafin – who became sole owner of the company - to the international market, where the strong and positive image of Triveneta is an excellent ambassador of the Made in Italy in the world.
Since then, it is a long story of successes: for more than fifty years the products and collections of wooden floors regularly intercept the needs of customers offering a certified and guaranteed parquet that adapts to the most refined environments and designs.
Experimentations with new production techniques, combined with the will for innovation, led the company to invest in research for new materials and new types of products, from oil finish, through waxing, to the varnished parquet. The oak Tavolati, Iris Collection, Avalon, Traverso and the newly formed Liberty are only a small expression of the enormous potential that Triveneta can offer on the Italian and foreign markets.
Only certified products: designing for sustainability
We worked for over twenty years to produce certified and guaranteed wooden floors, for the protection of the environment, not only in the choice of raw materials but also with most care in processing and finishing. The products we use have components chosen on the basis of eco compatibility to get the most natural treatment.
The continuous monitoring under the sustainability constraint, requires us not to participate in any form to the deforestation that is taking place in various parts of the world: the many certifications gained over the years testify to our effort to be environmentally and socially conscious.
Today the floors marked Triveneta Parchetti guarantee quality and excellence worldwide, through an extensive network of partners, resellers and customers, thanks to a brand that is always present in the most important international fairs.
Among the latest projects we can see the impressive complex of Baku (Azerbaijan) where Triveneta provides over 40,000 square meters of floor, and the partnership with ALMA, the International School of Italian Cuisine, with which we made the floors in the royal palace of Colorno. And it's with Alma that we will celebrate this year the milestone of 35 years since the founding of Triveneta Parchetti.
How will we be in twenty years? On the fourth or fifth generation of "artisans of Made in Italy", we have no doubt that we are going to have the same passion for wood that still pushes Ciso to be present at his work table every day.