06 July 2015
We would like to thank everyone, one by one: who have been with us during these years of efforts and achievements, who have decided to share with us the enthusiasm of this anniversary, who have not been able to be physically there but was with us with the mind.
Thank you from the bottom of the heart.

It is a collective success: if we could celebrate this milestone in our wood flooring industry was undoubtedly due to the contribution of each of you. Authorities, institutions, customers, partners, employees, dealers, friends ... the list is endless.
The day was warm, the fatigue was so great, but it was worth it. We partied until the evening with a conviviality of Made in Italy: from the location to the sound, from the shooting to the food.

And as far as food, we want to thank with special affection and esteem Alma, the International School of Italian Cuisine. Professional, passionate, flawless, in a word: fantastic. More than forty chefs who created real works of culinary art, from the starters to the wonderful cake finale, dedicated to Triveneta Parchetti.
For us, an unprecedented celebration, both for the size of the event and for the partnership started with Alma.

We hope to have transmitted positive and joyful emotions. And why not, a little hope: the unity is strength, and the commitment and determination can go far.
We believe every day in our wood floors , putting the same passion that we demonstrated Saturday. We opened the doors of our company to let you touch our world, without filters or censorship.
It does not end here. We are undertaking the memo-pills to remember to give your emotions together.
Get ready to smile.