26 June 2015
The music is ready, the desire to celebrate too. It is almost ready for the big event we are organizing for next week.

The protagonists are preparing for you: our President and Founder, Narciso Serafin, for the occasion came down in the interviewee, preparing well for videos that will be made. Alma, the International School of Italian Cuisine, will be partner of our event, setting up various situations and offering culinary moments of cooking throughout the day.
In this regard, the Master Chefs will create the cake theme dedicated to Triveneta Parchetti, in a riot of colors and flavors staged exclusively and exceptional for that day.

Just with Alma began a fruitful and important collaboration, in which we are among the official sponsors of the School, as well as suppliers of floors and walls/boiserie that the prestigious university will achieve.
We are pleased to accommodate collaborators, agents, representatives, vendors and customers from all over the world; special guests are also our employees, who give their best every day to make the Italian wood floors you know about.

Surprises do not end there: we are planning a training workshop for our commercial network, agents and salespeople, on the day of July the 3rd. The seminar is edited in collaboration with dall'Unisef with Unindustria, and will be held by Prof. Piercarlo Spina. We will discover together the processes of change and innovation in the activity of selling, understanding how to provide customers with hardwood floors with high added value; we analyze skills and methods to achieve sales goals with motivation and energy, materializing a strategic route of the product quality.

We chose the Made in Italy all over, and we will prove it: from the cooking art to the design, everything will shine elegance of our beautiful country, offering you a taste of what has been, for 35 years, our history.
But we like to think that we will also give an opportunity to see in perspective our direction: if we look together to the future, this will seem less uncertain.
For now, it takes on the Italian colors, ambassadors of Made in Italy in the world.