12 June 2015
What does it mean reliability to you?
And transparency?
When buying something important and valuable as a new car, furniture, or a smartphone, we want to be sure that they are reliable and guarantee performance and functionality over time.
The same concerns wood floors: between aesthetics and utility, we must guarantee that they are safe and certified, as they are (often) a choice for life.
In order to avoid disappointments, we must learn to read the labels and ask for the product form for what we are buying.
In order to protect of our consumers, we release the technical specifications of all the hardwood floors in the catalog and we requested and obtained many certifications and safeguards to certify the ‘bill to perfection’ of our parquet.
The acquisition of important certificates is the result of an extensive and detailed study in our company, where all stages of production are monitored by qualified personnel.
To obtain the CE mark, all the building components must be designed and implemented to ensure the safety of people, things and animals, allowing the placing on the market only of products created with the features provided by the advanced EU laws: our floors are produced according to standards of security and reliability required by EU law, thus qualifying for the CE mark.
Moreover, the awareness for ecology, that we pursue for years, requires us to make informed choices for the environment, since the processing of the product does not produce any type of toxicity, even by-products (wood chips, sawdust and chips) by their nature are totally recyclable.
In particular, for our wood floors we got credits for LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) New Construction, promoted by the Green Building Council Italy, certifying the sustainability of an asset: a certification that concerns the entire life cycle of the article, from design to construction. This means having safe and strong hardwood floors, allowing energy savings by optimizing use of resources and ensuring a lower environmental impact.
We are proud supporters of the principles of conservation and respectful management of forests: the brand FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) on our floor testifies this commitment. With honor  we show that our wood comes from forests that are managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic regulations; we strive every day to condemn the trade and procurement of wood illegally harvested in violation of traditional and civil rights.
Recently our floors have also obtained certification CATAS, the Italian institute for certification, research and testing in the wood and furniture industry, a center of excellence for research and analysis also in the agro-food, industrial and environmental area. For each material and product, CATAS can prove the actual compliance with customer requirements, agreement with the specifications required by the standards, quality control, safety, strength and durability.
Technical examinations conducted in accordance with national, European (EN) and international (ISO) show that our floors have near-to-zero emissions of formaldehyde and other compounds (such as pentachlorophenol) making sure you can walk on a healthy floor. Processing products do not  produce any type of toxicity, even by-products (wood chips, sawdust and shavings) that for their naturalness are totally recycled.
Last but not least, consider that our floors are entirely made in Italy, in full respect of the Made in Italy that we represent by the attention to detail, style and elegance.
Behind every Triveneta Parchetti’s product, there is the quality of the wood and its finishes, the creativity of those who produce and inventiveness of those who created it. All of which make our parquet “an excellent expression of the artist craftsman” bound to its beautiful area and always curious novelty in the field.
The taste of Italian design expressed in a material quality: the authenticity of our flooring products in Italy is guaranteed by accurate information, a confirmation of the value and prestige of Made in Italy.
If the brand Triveneta Parchetti is highly regarded in the Italian and international market, it is thanks to what we have shown so far: not only passion and experience in woodworking, but also respect for the environment and a desire to innovate.
For a company in constant evolution, which one will be the next step? An anticipation will come soon.
For now, inform yourself on what you purchase.