30 July 2015
If there is an indispensable space for Italians, it is the kitchen.
This is the environment of creativity and know-how: a place where welcome guests, to get together with the family and take advantage of a moment of refreshment physical and moral.
The kitchen contains the everyday little things and attention to detail, expliciting the home atmosphere also in its functionality.
The history of Italian cuisine has a strong tradition, enough to be a real Made in Italy pride in the world.
From every Country, people envy us for the skill and sophistication of our chefs, especially those who have shown particular talent and dedication.
Not surprisingly, the most famous Italian cooking school is just Alma, which counts some of the greatest international chefs, and has activated partnerships with the most important training centers in the world, to create an excellent network in the field of food and wine.
For this reason Alma, the International School of Italian Cuisine (whose rector is the famous chef Gualtiero Marchesi), was a partner of an event that has no precedent: over forty chefs have worked with passion and ability to devote to us Triveneta Parchetti the best culinary delights, refined dishes of our tradition and genuine.
It was immediately harmony: our warehouses have given way to the creative ability of the chefs, band saws have given way to the stove, the noise of the planes was overwhelmed by the tinkling of spoons. The design of the wood timber offered the best frame to release the talents of chefs and apprentices.
After all, the artisans are this: design in its purest form.
È stata subito sintonia: i nostri magazzini hanno lasciato spazio alla capacità creativa degli chef, le seghe a nastro hanno fatto posto ai piani cottura, il rumore delle pialle è stato sopraffatto dal tintinnio dei mestoli. Il design del legno ha offerto la migliore cornice per liberare i talenti di cuochi e apprendisti.
In fondo gli artigiani sono questo: design allo stato puro.
We observed with great pleasure that the common points were actually many more: the obsessive attention to detail, the search for the best glance, the exaltation of quality. And the importance given to the young: only transmitting the value of work and dedication to new generations we can make sure to preserve the treasured wealth of knowledge we have built up over time, and we will transmit it to the next generations.
The quality does not accept compromises, as our founder and Chairman Narciso Serafin well knows: the collaboration with Alma expresses the strong bond of respect and appreciation for each other.
And now, enjoy the "behind the scenes" of a memorable event.